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The Six Steps to Ultimate Productivity

First off this post is not talking about the importance of Sigma Six and lean manufacturing. I am not going to preach to you about control analysis and enviromental performance factors. Those things are great in theory and have there place. But Instead I have 6 simple steps that everyone in the plant can can start using right now to become the most productive and high value person they can be. The results are immediate and the personal rewards for you, your employees and the business itself are completely life altering.

1. Work on all.

This step is all about getting started. Just do a little bit of work on everything you can work on for the first 20 mins or so of the day. You'll find once you've already broken the seal there is a lot less holding you back from continuing on it later.

Another way more extreme way to do this steps is to just work like a madman for 5 minutes straight.. After the 5 mins is up you will see that you just want to keep going.

2. Minimize Time Between Tasks

Keep in mind your brain will try to trick you to falling back into a comfortable lazy routine. To thwart this you must move swiftly from assignment to assignment. The act of sitting down to pat yourself on the back and decide what to do next will destroy momentum and must be avoided at all costs.

3. Don't judge yourself

Self consciousness has no place in you new work ethic. Trust that you will do your best.

4. Find Something Funny or Interesting on Every Project

Taking perspective on everything you work on will accelerate your improvements.

5. Short and Sweet Early, Burn it to The Ground Later

When you start your day you want to knock out as many small tasks or at least start them as soon as you can. Later you can devote all of your focus and determination on the one most important thing you have on your agenda.

6. Go a little bit more on each one.

This rule will keep you from plateuing at any level. Your pushing yourself so just keep going just a little farther on every thing you doing.

Well that's them the 6 steps I kept it pretty vague so I can work for everyone. Everyone at one time or another needs a little push to renew there motivation and the beauty of this system is you are actually creating your own personal motivation from within.

Think about the guy that shows up at work spends a half hour drinking coffee most of the morning checking emails and the afternoon in the bathroom or on smoke breaks.. Is he really happy? How fast does the day go by for him?

What about the top performers at work? Well they naturally use this system weather they know it or not. Everyone wants to be part of a winning team and the best way to motivate others is by example.

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